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Hermitage Consulting Associates, Ltd., is a small, specialized consulting practice, dedicated to serving clients with customized service and superior expertise. Our teams of associates are organized to perfectly match the particular needs and concerns of each of our clients. The skills offered by our associates include leading edge techniques and innovative methods developed specifically for each client engagement. Our international expertise brings world-based experience to every consulting engagement. Thus, our business motto… Making A World Of Difference…

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Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Hermitage Consulting Associates, Ltd., is certified in the Commonwealth as being owned and operated as a Virginia Women’s Business Enterprise. HCA, Ltd., is strategically located to serve clients around the globe.

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HCA, Ltd., is committed to serving its clients with a minimum of overhead costs, and, therefore, designs proposals to protect the resources of its clients. Our consulting teams bring together individuals holding executive positions across higher education and related entities. Via advanced information technology strategies, our team members converse regularly and frequently regarding client issues and strategies. HCA, Ltd., organizes these teams to effectively utilize the skills of our associates to contribute to the projects of our clients. Therefore, our overhead and project costs are dramatically lower than those of our competitors. The experience we draw upon includes projects from around the globe, expanding our client-focus to international engagements, while offering our U.S. based clients global expertise.

About the President

Kathleen McGaughey is President of Hermitage Consulting Associates, Ltd. Her work in the field of consulting has included engagements with major research institutions, small private colleges, and related not-for-profit entities. Her specialization relates to assisting institutions in the efficient and effective application of resources, including strategic planning processes, capital/technology planning, and financial/budget planning. In addition, a particular area of focus within Hermitage Consulting includes the recruitment of faculty for institutions of higher education located around the world, through Faculty Recruitment International, a specialized practice dedicated to assisting international institutions identify and recruit superior faculty.

Ms. McGaughey brings more than 18 years of experience in higher education administration, including budgeting, financial analysis, revenue projections, facilities planning, human resource planning (including faculty salary peer comparisons), faculty recruitment and placement, enrollment projections, and graduation studies. In addition, her background and experience in internal auditing and financial forecasting, both in banking and in a corporate environment, provide essential skills to evaluate and examine the efficient and effective allocation of resources.

Ms. McGaughey received her bachelor’s in accounting from Loyola University of Chicago, and master’s in business administration from Old Dominion University. She has taught in a university setting in the areas of accounting and finance.

  Kathleen McGaughey
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